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Welcome to
Kontalis Mediation

Welcome to Kontalis Mediation. We are a boutique practice offering a professional mediation service to assist parties to manage and resolve their disputes.

Mediation is a cost effective and efficient alternative to litigation and all without having to go through the process of the court system which should be avoided if at all possible.


It is best to resolve these conflicts early and to stop them escalating through the court process. Indeed it has been estimated that as little as 5% of litigation matters commenced actually proceed to hearings. America's Stanford University says that lawyers are now more likely to attend mediations than hearings and that mediations are now the preferred approach to conflict resolution in many parts of the world. So avoid the courts.

It is also a way of resolving personal issues, such as those that can come into the workplace and fester. Talking things out with the assistance of a Mediator can be a godsend in the long term goodwill of a business.


As such, we conduct mediations in four main areas:

  1. Commercial and litigation disputes;

  2. Workplace relations;

  3. Wills and deceased estates;

  4. Legal costs.


We do not engage in family law matters.


We offer "mediation on the go", that is, we cover a range of places and venues to which we have access to including:

  • Gold Coast, our base;

  • Sunshine Hinterland incl Maleny;

  • Northern NSW.

Mediations can take place literally anywhere. From a conference room in the offices of the Queensland Law Society or the Magistrates Court in Brisbane, or some business boardroom or legal offices, to what may simply be available including rooms at RSL clubs, bowling clubs, sporting clubs, community meeting halls, motels and hotels, a local pub, or even a meeting of indigenous people under the shade of the proverbial coolabah tree.

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What is Mediation and
how does it work

Mediation is a facilitation process where a Mediator is appointed by the parties or by some outside authority to act as a neutral third party providing a process to assist the parties to reach a voluntary agreement. The Mediator does not give advice, nor make recommendations, nor give judgments, but assists the parties in clarifying issues and concerns and helping the parties reach a settlement by their consensus.


The main stages are:

  1. The parties decide to attend a mediation to help resolve their dispute;

  2. They refer to and choose an accredited Mediator to assist in the dispute;

  3. The Mediator engages in some preliminary issues (intake), interviewing the parties (by phone) to ensure they are willing participants, confirming identification, perhaps taking interim statements, scheduling the mediation with an agreed time, date and location suitable to the parties, and settling the formalities of the mediation including an "Agreement to Mediate";

  4. The parties attend the mediation assisted by the Mediator which can often take up to four hours or more;

  5. Resolving the matter and reaching an agreement, in part or in full.

Thus mediation is a much less formal arrangement which attempts to foster a less confrontational and workable environment within which to settle a dispute.


And remember, settling a matter can reduce the animosity that can develop over time between the parties. This can also mean the difference between retaining an existing client (in a commercial dispute) or an employee (in a workplace dispute), or not.

About us
Arthur Steve Kontalis

(principal Kontalis Mediation)

Arthur Steve Kontalis is a former Solicitor and current Legal Costs Consultant.


He is accredited as a national Mediator under the Mediator Standards Board (MSB) by the DRB Department of Justice and Attorney-General (Qld). He is a member of the Australian Mediation Association.

He was admitted to practice as a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of New South Wales in December 1983. As a Solicitor, Arthur practiced extensively in personal injury, workers compensation, motor vehicle, family law, criminal law, property and deceased estates. As a Solicitor he would have been instructed by over 500 clients and as a Legal Costs Consultant handled in excess of 1,000 matters.

He has practiced in the area of the law for almost 40 years in regions as diverse as Sydney, Taree, Parkes and Gold Coast. He has held practicing certificates with the Law Society of NSW and with the Queensland Law Society.

His qualifications include:


  • National Mediator Accreditation by the DRB Department of Justice and Attorney-General (Qld);

  • Mediation Level One and Level Two, DRB Department of Justice and Attorney-General (Qld).


  • Practice Management Course 2021, Qld Law Society;

  • Admitted to the Supreme Court of NSW 1983;

  • Diploma-in-Law (SAB), Supreme Court of NSW & University of Sydney;

  • College of Law NSW 1983.



  • Elizabeth I, Cambridge University (online);

  • The Historical Jesus, Cambridge University (online);

  • Stock Market certificates, Gold Coast Institute of Tafe Qld;

  • Higher School Certificate 1974, The Scots College, Sydney.

Our fees

Our discounted fees are as follows:

  • The Intake (preliminary arrangements & preparation)

First two (2) hours are included in the fee, and any time thereafter the charge is $125 per hour.


  • Mediation

The half-day fee up to four (4) hours is $1,250 and any time thereafter including any subsequent mediation conference(s) the charge is $125 per hour.


  • Hiring venue

The hiring of the venue and any equipment required will be at cost (as is the norm) and is often in the region of $200 for a half-day.


  • Any travelling expenses incurred by the Mediator covering his region will normally be borne by him.

  • ​The mediation fee is payable seven (7) days prior to the date of the mediation and is non-refundable (as is the norm).

Plus added gst of 10%.

However, our boutique firm can presently offer fees exclusive of added gst,

a further saving to you of 10%.

Remember, lawyers routinely charge a minimum of $350 per hour so again, mediation is a sound alternative to try and settle.

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Privacy Policy

Our policy is simple. We do not under any circumstances share any of your information with any person or body that has no connection with your mediation application. Our files will only be given access to government authorities which by law may have a right of access.


We have in the preparation of this web used our best endeavours to give a general outline of mediation and the services we provide but do not accept any responsibility for its content. We, as with all firms rely upon the entering into of a formal provider/client relationship with you. Thank you.

Covid policy

No policy is warranted at this time.

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